Los Bastardos tattoo and paint Tulum

Villas Tulum

Diana Felix and Alan Shepherd are two artists and tattooers based out of Mexico City, who make up the art duo Los Bastardos. We had the pleasure of hosting this dynamic duo as they collaborated on events and painted a bright mural in the Villas neighborhood of Tulum, as part of our Tulum Art Project. Both Diana & Felix experimented in something they had never done while staying with us in Tulum, by using bright colors, and inviting friends and locals to help collaborate on the project. Diana and Felix also work on illustrations and zines together, and they love to sit in coffee shops and draw all day long when they aren’t working on tattoos and murals.


We asked Los Bastardos some questions about their creative process:

Irena: How does working with another artist influence your creative process?

D & A: We are totally visual, all the time we're seeing and searching for new ideas from tattoo artists, illustrators and graphic artists to musicians, photographers or any other creative people, taking from here and there elements that we like and transforming them into to our graphics.

Irena: What is your favorite project you have done or favorite location you have painted?

D & A: Our favorite project is to visit new places, meet new people and give them a little bit of our essence through our tattoos or art. Tulum has been our favorite location, we have made something very different from our latests murals, it was full of color. It was a completely different experience where we had the chance to involve friends and people we barely knew.

Irena: What has influenced your aesthetic and vision?

D & A: We have had an eclectic range of inspiration, definitely art/graphics around music, skate, graffiti, propaganda and popular Mexican culture are being our major influences. We have always liked things that disrupt the order of design and well mannered ways of graphic communication.


Irena: What is your favorite music to listen to while tattooing and drawing?

D & A: We love listening to rock!!! but we also like listening to pretty much anything that trip us out...

Music has always been and always will be our purest medium of inspiration haha.

Irena: What advice would you give to someone when looking to get their first tattoo?

D & A: It is very important for costumers to do a research for the style of tattooing they would like to get and most important, to do a research of the tattoo artists that are around to find the one that suits the style they are looking forward to get. Now a days studios have their artists portfolios online and most of them have guests that have a certain style to offer. Every tattooer specializes in certain kind of work ie. fine line, american traditional, realism, new-school, blackwork, neo-traditional, etc...

And always remember, not a single tattoo is a ¨super simple¨ tattoo, specially the small fine line perfect little triangle in the wrist that you want to get!

Make sure to check out Alan and Diana's work on Instagram:

Diana: @_dianafelix_                       Alan: @_alanshepard_     @bastardosmx