Husmann/Tschaeni embarks on Mural Journey in Mexico.

Michael is part of the art duo Husmann/Tschaeni. Originally from Switzerland, he is used to doing collaborative art projects with his wife and children, who weave together a unique magical world of colors, glitter, paint splatters, and movement. He  has been staying with Tulum Art Club and Residencia Gorila for the past week as he paints a mural for our Villas Mural Project in a working class neighborhood of Tulum. For the first time doing art without his partner, Michael has been using this opportunity to explore the world of murals, as he is currently working on his second one ever. His first wall was  a collaboration with dear friends Aaron Glasson and Celeste Byers in Oaxaca. Their style melded perfectly with bright colors, strong nature vibes, and cosmic energy. We asked Michael a few questions about his artistic process.

I: How has working with another artist influenced your creative process?

M: Husmann/Tschaeni is a collaborative of Mira Tschaeni and me. We live and work together with our two children for the last 16 years. We are completely different in our backgrounds and styles, but we fit together with colours, stories and visions. It has to do with complete trust, you hand over your work to be continued by somebody else. It's fascinating to see what comes out, never really what you expect. You can learn so much from collaborations when you're flexible and open-minded. Mira and I have collaborated together with few other artists and many children over the years too, which always helped us to widen our visual and personal horizons.

I: What is your favorite project you have done?

M: Husmann/Tschaeni works in real life “chapters”. Next to the “stone waters” moment, the “Ox Lahun” (mayan cosmic tone 13) chapter is my favorite, because it had a moment where I truly wished the time would stop and I could stay there forever. It was one of the most magical times in my life, when I met the deer Sarah for the first time. She was awaiting me standing on a red bed in an old farmhouse, lit only with candlelight, shy nocturnal foxes were hiding under the bed.

She has passed away peacefully in 2017. So this short time with her became unique. Out of this enchanted meeting, we did a series of paintings & one performance completed and finished in Topanga Canyon, California, which you can see on:


I: What has influenced your aesthetic and vision?

M: My years in crazy, colourful, cruel & beautiful India. And the present time with the animals and people I love! Always trying to live in the moment! I am a manifested DREAMER.

I: Which artist do you admire?

M: Vali Myers, of course!