Residencia Gorila closes a cycle



After 6 years of being a residency on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in Tulum, Alfonso Garrido, founder of Tulum Art Club and Residencia Gorila, has decided to spread his wings and take off as an experiential Residency, with projects throughout the Yucatan. Monica Canilao, Ektor Garcia, Elena Stonaker, and Xara Thurstra spent an entire month producing work in the Palapa on-site. But it was more than just a coming together of four strong contemporary artists. Throughout the month, there were challenging moments as these artists worked in the Caribbean climate, insects, strong energy as they built, painted, and crocheted, but also experienced ceremonies like temazcal, and reconnection with nature. 

The goal by the end of one month was to produce paintings, a mural for the Villas Tulum Mural Project, create video, and take-over the gallery at TAC. On May 9th, CUATRO ESPIRITU had its opening reception. The usual gallery inventory was stored away, and the artists had free reign as they transformed the white walls into layers of colors, textures, visions, and memories of their time spent in the Yucatan. In the title of the pieces you might get a glimpse into what these artists saw, felt, smelled, ate, and dreamt. Like “Aguas Curativas” (Healing Waters) that may refer to their field-trip to Muyil, floating down channels that go through mangrove forest through Sian Ka'an, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The artists were guided through a series of healing and detoxifying experiences while also exploring on their own. The artists also got very close to the strong energy of Tulum, especially the jungle.

The final day of their stay was celebrated with a trip to Punta Laguna nature reserve, in which the TAC team and the artists experienced the power of the lagoon there together, and walked through the jungle to spot spider monkeys resting in giant trees. The night was ended with a dinner at Cezontle and many hugs good-bye after becoming family in a matter of weeks. Check out the catalogue of work produced during their stay at the residency....


Husmann/Tschaeni embarks on Mural Journey in Mexico.

Michael is part of the art duo Husmann/Tschaeni. Originally from Switzerland, he is used to doing collaborative art projects with his wife and children, who weave together a unique magical world of colors, glitter, paint splatters, and movement. He  has been staying with Tulum Art Club and Residencia Gorila for the past week as he…
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Los Bastardos tattoo and paint Tulum

Diana Felix and Alan Shepherd are two artists and tattooers based out of Mexico City, who make up the art duo Los Bastardos. We had the pleasure of hosting this dynamic duo as they collaborated on events and painted a bright mural in the Villas neighborhood of Tulum, as part of our Tulum Art Project.…
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November Residency: Oakland Art Family collaborates with Mayan Artisans

The month of November at Tulum Art Club was busy, as we hosted several resident artists who developed special projects during their time in Tulum. Oakland based art family Kelly Ording and Jet Martinez stayed with us for a few weeks (including their adorable children) to explore the Yucatan, as well as collaborate with some local…
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Art of Tulum

Known for coastal Mayan ruins and cenotes (formed by the meteor that killed the dinosaurs), a constant flow of travelers, artists and remote workers have quietly grown this Yucatecan village into a hub for art and tourism. Part of the reason for the growth is that it’s so easy to get here. From Miami, NY…
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Remote Work

An Oasis with WiFi Remote work has obvious perks, but when you can't get the simple things that make it possible to do your job, a tranquil location can turn into an anxiety-ridden wasteland. Fortunately, TAC has got you covered, with a fast connection, austere space and great coffee.
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Maya Hayuk

Maya Hayuk in Residencia Gorila In the hectic times following the Summit Series events, Maya Hayuk came to stay with us. And this is a hard article to write, as she not only does art, but lives through it. The Brooklyn-based artist has had a long and succesful career in the art world, becoming known…
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Residencia Gorila


Localizado en el lado de la jungla en Boca Paila, Tulum, Gorila es una residencia de artistas y casa de huéspedes que ha dejado una huella en la vida cultural de la península. Desde su fundación en el 2011, Gorila permite la interacción y colaboración entre artistas y huéspedes, rodeados de la belleza natural y cultural de la región. Artistas de todo el mundo han elegido nuestra residencia como un espacio para venir y crear las piezas excepcionales que podemos encontrar en nuestra galería y por todo Tulum.

Located on the jungle side of the beach strip in Tulum, Gorila is a guest house and artist’s residency created with the intention of being a space for creation and interaction between guests and artists from all over the world.  With the opening of the gallery downtown and their upcoming extensions into other cities of the Yucatan Peninsula, Gorila is celebrating its position as a cultural landmark of the region. Since its founding in 2011, artists from different disciplines have stayed on the residency, being a part of Tulum and creating the beautiful art today exhibited in our gallery and all over Tulum.
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